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Monday, July 6, 2009

Chalkboards are Handy!

The other day hubby and I decided to play a friendly game of Scrabble. (Remember board games?) It was a beautiful summer afternoon, so we decided to play outside. I needed paper to keep score. Hubby suggested we use a chalkboard instead. WHAT A GREAT IDEA!! If a breeze came along we wouldn't have to worry about chasing our score board across the yard. Another great reason to always have a chalkboard handy!

This message brought to you by Chalk It Up!


For the record: Respins is not a word, according to all of the online dictionaries. But I let hubby have that one because I wasn't sure. I won anyway 345 to 325 :p So far this is the only game I can beat him at. He is very competitive and hates to lose.:)
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One of the things that I do as a business is paint murals. I found this website where they create murals out of your artwork and photos Murals Your Way. I took a couple of my paintings and uploaded them to the site. You can then create a room to see how your mural will look.

This is an abstract painting that I did. The original is approximately 8"x10". It looks pretty good as a mural. This 9'x11' canvas wall hanging would cost about $900 to purchase from their site.I would charge about the same amount to come to your house(if you live in my area) and paint it directly on the wall. Anyway, I thought the site was pretty cool. And they offer a section of artists' work. I wonder if I can get my name on that list. I have a lot of paintings that would make nice murals. You can see my paintings at My Colorful Canvas.

Here is a 16"x20" landscape painting as an 8'x10' mural, also about $900 for a canvas mural on Murals Your Way.

Pretty neat!

One more..This is fun!


Amy said...

What a great way to spend the day. Hope you had a great Fourth of July...

Teddy Started It said...

Oh to play a game of scrabble in the afternoon again. We only get to do that after the kiddos are in bed -- otherwise, it's pieces EVERYwhere. And what a great use for a chalkboard;)

Anonymous said...

Love the murals!

Anonymous said...

That IS a great idea! We play games with friends all the time and are always scrambling to find paper that doesn't have pictures of horses drawn on them or even a pen that actually works!

You are a VERY talentd artist! Your paintings are unbelievable! Thanks for sharing them!

Mama Mel said...

Love your paintings and the mural idea! Also, my hubby and I love Scrabble! Haven't played in a while. He always beats me! Have a great day! :)

Mammatalk said...

Scrabble is my game. Never thought of using a chalkboard! Great idea.