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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to clean dirty pots and pans...


Without elbow grease or any special cleaning agents!!

It is very simple and easy! If you have a caked on mess from a lasagna pan, or grimy burnt on goo from that sweet marinade on your broiler pan, or any other hard to clean baked on residue from that delicious dinner; here is the answer...Put your oven on to 350 or 400 degrees or leave it on after your done cooking your roast (or whatever). Fill the dirty pan with about 1 inch of tap water. (don't worry about scrubbing anything out of the pan.) Carefully put the pan back in the hot or preheated oven. Leave for about 10 minutes. Using oven mitts and a steady hand remove pan from oven. Place on counter. Take a spoon or rubber spatula and gently stir up the grime. It will lift almost without any effort. While still very hot move pan to sink and rinse out with cold water. Viola!! Clean pan!

If you have a saute pan that has burned on residue, while the pan is still hot move to sink and run under cold water. It will sizzle and steam, the residue will loosen and be instantly clean!
If you have a crook pot with baked on food, fill half way with water and put crook pot on high for about 20 minutes than rinse out under cold tap, gently using a sponge to help loosen! CLEAN! No fuss, no chemicals, no time!!

I discovered this cleaning technique from a cooking technique that my husband showed me a long time ago, DEGLAZING

After food (usually meat) has been sautéed and the food and excess fat removed from the pan, deglazing is done by heating a small amount of liquid in the pan and stirring to loosen browned bits of food on the bottom. The liquid used is most often wine or stock. The resultant mixture often becomes a base for a sauce to accompany the food cooked in the pan.

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Yup, all the that great flavor is in that yucky mess at the bottom of the pan:)

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