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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Too tired to blog

I love blogging.  I miss blogging on Chalk it up!  Actually, I've been blogging a lot but just not here.  I have two new blogs.  One is for my Game Design classes and the other is for my web design class.  I blog there Monday thur Friday.  Sadly, it leaves me no energy to blog here at my comfy, homey, familiar blog Chalk it up!

Life has changed so much.  There's so much I want to share here but that would require thinking and it's Saturday, so I don't want to think. 

Although, I still find myself scouring the internet for searching for ways to teach game design to middles schoolers.

I normally would not publish a post without at least one picture.  Maybe I'll look for something to illustrate this post.  Be right back!

Here we go:


So sweet!

These beautiful photos were sent to me by one of my wonderful customers! She is a very talented professional photographer who purchased unframed chalkboards from Chalk it up! and sent me these picture to show how she is using the chalkboards!
Thank you for giving me permission to share these photo on my blog!
Thank you for the fantastic photo!

There I did it!  I posted to my favorite blog!:) I feel much better now!:)

Have a great Saturday!