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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Top 10 Favorite Pinterest Pins

I have been pinning on pinterest for 3 years now!  I started pinning three summers ago.  I don't know what it is about pinning that I love so much, it just relaxes me.  It's like flipping through all of my favorite magazines in one place.  I am a very visual person so if I see a great picture I will go deeper into investigating it.

My Reasons for pinning:
1. As mentioned above, to relax.
2. To find recipe ideas
3. To find decorating ideas
4. To waste time
5. To brainstorm ideas for teaching
6. Fashion
7. DIY Ideas
8. Inspirational quotes to keep me going in life
9. It's fun

My Method of pinning:
I usually click on "everything" in the search and scroll down the page.  I will only pin something that absolutely grabs me.  I usually click on the source, especially if it is a recipe.  If it's a bad link or bogus link I don't pin it.  Sometimes everything you need to know is in the pin and there is no need to click on the source.  In that case I will pin without clicking the source.  In one scroll down the everything search page I may pin one or to pictures.  If I'm feeling in the mood to really procrastinate I will hit the everything search again and scroll down a second time, otherwise I will be finished.

My favorite pins:
First, since the  summer of 2011 I have pinned 4,418 times.  I have 84 boards and 786 follows!  :)
The following are my favorite pins because I have either referred to them and used them several times or have used them successfully.  So, here is my list of favorites and reasons they are favorites.

1. From Table for Two  This recipe is fantastic!  She titles it Take Out Fake Out Mongolian Beef.  This is a favorite in my house.  I have made it several times and refer to this recipe and pin everytime!  The only changes I have made are fresh chinese egg noodles instead of rice.  I also find that the best steak for this recipe is skirt steak cut against the grain.  Total Winner!

2. From The Girl who ate everything This recipe is so easy and amazing! Easy Feta Dip.  With just a few simple ingredients this can be thrown together in the morning before going to work.  Bring it to work for the office pot luck, with a bag of pita chips and you are a hero.  Everyone loves it!  I have made it for faculty meetings and family gatherings.  It's a great recipe in a pinch! YUM

3. From I Save A 2 Z.  Oven Roasted Broccoli.  Another winner in my house.  I use this recipe regularly and adopt it to other veges as well.  Healthy, easy and delicious!

4. From I Save A 2 Z.  This ice cream sandwich cake is easy to make, impressive to guests, delicious and CHEAP!  I have made it for birthdays, 4th of July and other occasions!  Everyone loves it!

Here is a picture of my version:

There seems to be a food theme here....
5. From Budget Bytes cinnamon pecan granola.  This is so good.  The only problem with this easy and cheap recipe (except for the pecans. Pecans are expensive.) is that it is sooo good that I eat 4 cups of this stuff in a day.  My kids love it too!

6. From Nobody puts Mama in a corner sausage crescent rolls.  I made this for a department meeting and a girls engineering breakfast and it was a huge hit!  Another super easy make in a pinch with few ingredients that is out of this world good!  I have adapted this recipe to my own version of scrambled eggs, cheese and sausage for the filling.  This is a family favorite.  I make it when we are going on a road trip.  The kids have it in the car for breakfast.  They LOVE it!

On to a few other none food favs...
7. From by Stephanie Lynn, under the table and dreaming.  This was such an easy DIY.  Simple materials and easy to make in minutes.  I did it myself.  No need for power tools.  I love my planters.  They are proudly displayed at my front door.

 Here is an updated picture of my planters.

8.  From Fun in First.  I printed this quote and have it hanging behind my desk at school. (I am a middle school teacher).  I look at it everyday in my classroom.  It reminds me of what is important.  This is a very important quote to me!  It means everything!

9.  There are several pins that inspired this last project.  Here is one from Elle Decor.  This help to inspire my built in between the studs, 4 inch deep pantry!

Here is my version that I love so much!

10. From Homemade Gifts Made Easy. 
Made these for my nephews last Christmas. A fun way of giving money as a gift.

There it is my 10 favorite pins out of 4,418 and counting!
I forgot how long it takes to put together a blog post!  Thank goodness for summer break.  At least I got one in.  Hopefully I will add a few more before the end of summer!