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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Learning Maya 2008

Here's my finished train


I was so proud of myself when I completed this last week before class. Then... we moved on to NURBS! The teacher was giving a demonstration for what we needed to do for the next project and I looked at my screen to do something that he was going over and in that time I missed the next step. Since that point I felt clueless!! It's amazing how you can go from patting yourself on the back to wanting to wear a dunce cap:( I have been trying to figure it out all week and am having very little luck. Hopefully I will get some answers this week. The lesson I learned from last weeks class is to keep my eye on the teachers screen and scribble down notes quickly than try what he did after the demo!

In the meantime I have been going over the chapter on NURBS so that I am not completely clueless in class this week.
Here is a fun thing I learned (from reading the chapter on NURBS)
How to make a glass using the revolve tool
1.Click on the side view window
2.Change menu to surfaces than click on create-cv curve tool and create a curve for the profile of your object
3.Click on surfaces-revolve
4.View your creation in perspective window on shaded w/wireframe to view.

I have so much to learn and sometimes if seems like I'll never get to the point of knowing enough to use it professional. Baby steps...that's what I keep telling myself.
Hopefully my next maya update will be of a finished subway station and a red rocket.


Tammy said...

That is incredible!

I was stopping by to say hi and thank you for stopping by on Friday. I love meeting new friends and new blogs! I am your newest follower too! Keep up the good work...:)

Helen McGinn said...

Wow, that is impressive! Stopped by from SITS to say hi! xx