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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Summer Vacation is here! y Palabra del dia es...

Today is the kids first day of summer break! We have some activities planned, like swimming everyday! They will be swimming one hour everyday at the local high school pool. It is a huge Olympic sized pool. Each lane is 25 yds. They will be training with a coach. I think it will be a great experience for them.
Another big plan of mine, for summer enrichment, is to teach the kids a little bit of Spanish! For now it will just be in the form of The Word of the day!
I found a great website that gives a word of the day. They will deliver the word to my email everyday and than I will write it on the chalkboard for the kids to see, read, learn and speak!
I thought it might be fun to post La Palabra del dia here on Chalk it up!

El Barrio
the neighborhood

I hope we can keep this up through the summer:) It's just one word a day, how hard can it be?!

Come back tomorrow for the palabra of the day!:)

If we think of other fun things to do this summer I will share them with you here:)

If you have any fun simple, cheap:) summer ideas, I love to know!

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Emma said...

We don't break for the Summer until the end of July! Swimming at the pool every day sounds like a lot of fun as does learning a new word every day! May have to do this with my 7 y.o! Thanks for stopping by my blog on SITS Pot Luck Friday x