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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gettin my groove on...

Ok since I turned @#$^ a few days ago I have completed 2 paintings! More than I have completed in two years! I'm feeling inspired!! FINALLY!!

Here's the second painting


Don't know if it's good or bad or how other perceive it. I just know I feel good while I'm painting it. I want to paint it til it's done. It is coming from an intuitive place. And I want to do more. This is exciting! The more I paint the more likely I am to evolve as a painter. Just do it!!

I have post these two new paintings on my Art Spectrum shop on etsy! I feel big things happening I'm not sure what. But wouldn't you like to own an original painting from an up and coming artist?!:) And for $25 how can you go wrong. (Ok sorry for the shameless promotion) The point is, whether I sell a single painting or not it doesn't matter.

I've got my groove on! And I'm lovin it!:)


Samantha B said...

Visiting from SITS! Wow, these paintings are so beautiful! You should be so proud!

Cindy said...

Thank Samantha for stopping by! I'm having fun! Glad you liked the painting!