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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Gettin my groove on...

Ok since I turned @#$^ a few days ago I have completed 2 paintings! More than I have completed in two years! I'm feeling inspired!! FINALLY!!

Here's the second painting


Don't know if it's good or bad or how other perceive it. I just know I feel good while I'm painting it. I want to paint it til it's done. It is coming from an intuitive place. And I want to do more. This is exciting! The more I paint the more likely I am to evolve as a painter. Just do it!!

I have post these two new paintings on my Art Spectrum shop on etsy! I feel big things happening I'm not sure what. But wouldn't you like to own an original painting from an up and coming artist?!:) And for $25 how can you go wrong. (Ok sorry for the shameless promotion) The point is, whether I sell a single painting or not it doesn't matter.

I've got my groove on! And I'm lovin it!:)


Anonymous said...

Visiting from SITS! Wow, these paintings are so beautiful! You should be so proud!

Cindy said...

Thank Samantha for stopping by! I'm having fun! Glad you liked the painting!