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Sunday, April 10, 2011

How to make the most of a three day weekend...

Go to a cabin in the mountains.

Country Road...

Since my husband is a chef, days off are rare, especially three days in a row! He normally only gets one day off a week.
A couple of weeks ago the kids were on spring break. The last three days of their break their dad was off. So, last minute I decided to book a cabin in the blue ridge mountains.
The trip consisted of waking up early friday morning and hitting the road at 5:30. We watched the sunrise and the morning fog lifted as we headed off on our last minute adventure.

We rented a cabin by the lake tucked in the woods. We arrived at about 4:00(we hit some traffic in Atlanta). We quickly aquainted ourselves with our new temporary home. My older son put himself in charge of the fireplace(we don't have one at home so this was a luxury). My younger one headed right downstairs to the pool table for a game with the big guy. Did I mention we took the dog with us. It's a pet friendly cabin! She wasn't thrilled with the ride but she did claim the master bedroom.

Night one-There was a really big thunder storm. It was so cozy, we didn't care. Let it pour! We went to the local supermarket Ingles and stocked up for the next two days. We couldn't get internet so we actually enjoyed each others company as a family.

The next day-After a good nights sleep we thought we'd do some fishing on the lake. Unfortunately it was still raining, actually pouring. So we just hung around the cabin. I had to take the dog for a walk and discovered how beautiful the mountains were in the rain. Back to Ingles for some rain ponchos (never thought I'd wear one) and back to the cabin to explored the great outdoors. We hiked about three miles in the rain up the mountain. Oh yes, on the way to Ingles as we were pulling away from the cabin we saw a herd of deer! When we got back to the cabin we soaked in the hot tub. Played some pool. Sat by the fire, watched tv, ate a wonderful dinner prepared by the chef. We savored every single minute of that day! It was amazing!

Sunday-We had to be out of the cabin by eleven. Woke up, had breakfast, straightened up according to the handbook and left. As we were getting into the car the sun broke through the clouds! We were home by 8pm. The kids had a great time but were happy to see their video games too:)

And here's a mosaic for Mosaic Monday hosted by Mary at little red house


I have decided that my home decorating style is now rustic country!
Humm....chalkboards totally fit the theme. As a matter of fact there was one in the kitchen!
I can't wait to add some touches to my home that remind me of our cabin in the mountains. In some ways the cabin felt more like home than home.


Ingles Dietitian said...

thanks for mentioning Ingles - glad you enjoyed your break!

Eva Gallant said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Family time is so important, and those are memories you kids will keep forever!

I just stopped by from SITS to say hello. Hope you find time to return the visit!