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Friday, May 29, 2009


Introducing Chalk It Up! Chalkboards!

Here is a peek at my first two custom chalkboards. The frames are recycled and do show a little wear but they are still in good shape and add to the character of piece.:)
This chalkboard has the word "Invent" painted directly on the board. This would make a wonderful gift for a Science teacher.
I will be offering custom chalkboards on etsy as soon as I get my shop up and running.

I love the way the black chalkboard instantly dresses up the frame. It's like the little black dress, perfect for any occasion!
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Karen M. Peterson said...

Those are beautiful! And since they are chalkboards, which are pretty vintage, having imperfect frames seems to fit really well.

Can't wait until your Etsy store is up!

Capturing Sunshine said...

I am soooo wishing I didn't sell my old framed mirrors and pictures in my garage sale last year. :( These are beautiful. I need to start thinking about my order.

Anonymous said...

Very cute!

Anonymous said...

hi again Cindy,
I have an award for you!

Amy said...

They are so pretty.