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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Paper Mosaic Table Top-A Group Project

Another Elementary Spring Arts Group Project. Every second grader from my children's school contributed to making this faux mosaic table. The table was purchased at a garage sale for $3, years ago. It sat in my garage for a long time before it found its purpose. It was auctioned off at the fair. Each student completed one 2"x3" paper tile. The tiles were mod podged on the top of the table in a specific arrangement (see grid paper) to create this design. The table was varnished for protection. Another way to protect the surface would have been to cover with glass.



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So busy blogging, going to be late to school now:( I really need to stop blogging! It's going nowhere.


Paloma said...

wooooooooow! That is really great!!!

Love it!


Jayde said...

Great project! I love to 'remake' items from something that's been discarded.

Amy said...

How fun... I am having my Round Robin this friday if you want to share..

Unknown said...

This came out so nice! I love the design too : )