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Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer activities begin!

Today began our first week of summer vacation!
The boys started on the summer team today and loved it! I hope the enthusiasm lasts:) As I mentioned in an earlier post, they will be swimming 5 days a week for one hour. Should be great exercise and discipline!
I am also trying to sneak in a little learning. This is where chalkboards come in handy. Great visuals. If I ever go back to teaching I think I will give every student an 11"x14" unframed chalkboard as a learning tool. I think a teacher of any subject could use individual chalkboards as a valuable tool. Think of the possibilities!
Everyday I write the Spanish word of the day. Today's word is evitar meaning to avoid or prevent. I also added el verano (summer) and la natation (swimming). A couple of relevant words sprinkled in here and there can't hurt. And crazy mommy like to sing them- Swimming, Swimming la natacion... I'm using for translation.
Well, day one was a success! How's your el verano going?:)

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