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Friday, September 3, 2010

How to make a Florida Cookie Cake...

or any other state cake:)

To begin, get a good cookie recipe! It's also more rewarding to bake it from scratch. We used this recipe . I like chocolate chip cookie recipes that call for shortening with a little bit of butter. This recipe doesn't use butter, so we just added about three tbsp.

Next, spread the cookie dough, evenly, in a tin cookie sheet. Bake 10-15 minutes, until golden brown. Let cool.

Once cooled spread white frosting over cookie. Now, find a simple outline picture of your state. We googled "florida map coloring book" for a simple drawing. Using a wooden skewer, sketch the shape. If you are not happy with your sketch, smooth over the frosting with a knife and try again.

When you have the shape just the way you want it, take a sharp knife and cut around your sketch. Cut away the outer cookie and take it off the sheet. Center your state and decorate! White frosting was spread on the tin to hold the sprinkles in place. We had toffee pieces in the pantry that worked perfertly as sand around the coast. It really made the whole thing pop! (Sometimes the little details make all the difference.



You want your cookie to be informative. Create a color key for states and bodies of water.

This was a middle school project done by my son (with my help) for his Geography class. All of the students were to make a state or country cookie or cake, with landmarks. Ah, it's fun going back to school. I think these kids are going to come home with stomach aches today.

Have a great weekend!

Have helped work on a fun school project this week?

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