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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Always Remember 9/11

Never forget!

It is ten years later.
Ten years ago on this day I was in my nineth month of pregnancy with my son. I was so scared for his and my older son's futures. What was happening to America?

Ten years later...9/11 has left a scar on our beautiful country and changed it in many ways. However, the American spirit is one that is powerful and bright. Freedom is in our blood.

The evil people who have tried to shake it out of us have not succeeded. They thought they could but they will never understand the power of Freedom, Liberty and the American way of life!

We are strong people! Freedom and Goodness will always prevail.

I will observe a moment of silence with my family today in remembrance of the innocent lives lost, the brave Americans who fought and continue to fight for the greatest cause of all FREEDOM!

I will recall that day and teach my children about what happened and who was to blame. (they are now old enough to learn all that happened on that day)

We must never forget! And be vigilant about protecting our freedom.

God Bless America!

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