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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spammers on Pinterest

Why is it that when something good comes along there's always someone out there trying to either ruin it or exploit it?

I love Pinterest!  It is the place where I go to dream and pin.  I love adding things to my "vision" boards.  Sometimes I like to share what I think is sweet or funny etc... on facebook (with my 15 friends).  It's just relaxing, like thumbing through all of my favorite magazines at one time!  (Does anyone buy magazines anymore?) Than it's like cutting out your favorite pictures and pinning them to a bulletin board.  It's all of that without the paper mess.  I love pinterest!

But occasionally a intruder comes along.  Sometimes someone pins an enticing photo of something yummy and I click on the link only to find a fake contest trying to lore me into giving my email address for a giveaway. I imagine that the person who repinned it is unaware it's a spam because they didn't click on the link, I guess the spammer is hoping enough people won't click on it to spread it around and enough do click on it to fall for the lore (who really knows how spammers think).

Now whenever I pin something I click on the picture first to make sure it takes me to a credible source.  A source where I can learn more about the project or recipe or whatever.  If it doesn't pass the test I don't pin.

Like I said before, I love Pinterest!  And I want to help keep it SPAM FREE! So I made up this little message that I hope you will repin to spread the word.

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