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Sunday, November 11, 2012

How to straighten curly hair...

 Do you ever start a post and don't have the energy to finish it? So you leave it sitting there as a draft, only to have it nagging at you until you finally come back to it and finish it!?   Well this is one of those posts.

As the cooler weather finally hits Florida strange things begin to my hair.

 I have naturally curly/wavy/frizzy hair. During the humid months (which are most) I don't fight it and just air dry and go.  However, when the humidity drops so does my hair! It's not curly enough to be considered curly and not wavy enough to have body.  It's just frizzy!  The only answer is to blow dry and straighten.

Here's my recipe.

Str8 by Rusk!


This is not an advertisement, nobody is paying me to write about this product. I just thought I'd share. This is only my opinion, based on my experience with the product.

 I accidentally stumbled upon this hair product in, of all places Walmart. It was on the bottom shelf of the styling products section and something intrigued me. It was about $12 to $15 (I don't remember exactly). I figured what the heck I've tried everything else.

This stuff is amazing!

Here's my process.

1. Shampoo and condition as usual
2. Towel dry but not too much (don't rub, just pat)
3. Wide tooth comb-comb out all knots
4. In the palm of your hand dispence about a dime size of str8 (don't over do, too much is not a good thing). A bonus this stuff will last a long time.
5. Pat both palms together so product is on both hands and gently rub through hair from top to ends.
6. Using a wide nylon bristle round brush starting with the front brush and blow with blow dryer on hot setting.
(This will take about 15 minutes, from front to back and underside from nape of neck.)
7.  When all sections are completely dry and straight, finish with cold air from the blow dryer. Make sure you cool your whole head.

That's it.

I find that even if it rains (as long as  you don't get hair wet) hair stays straight with no frizz. And I can usually get a second day out of it. (wear shower cap when taking a shower).

Post finally Posted! (after 1 1/2 years sitting in the vault! lol)

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Paloma said...

Thanks for this post! I rarely ever straighten my hair because I don't like damaging my hair with the hair iron... if I can get it straightened (and keep it that way) with the hair blower then I'm in! I'll try it! Thank you!