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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

An Artist's Dream!

Yesterday on my Creatively Fit Walk I stumbled upon a local art gallery. I have been in this gallery many times before and have always been inspired by the artwork and artists working there. This is a gallery with several artist spaces. It is fun walking around from studio to studio, to get a glimpse into their world. Well, one of those studios is available to rent. You have to be accepted by a jury to get the space. I spoke with the owner, who was a very lovely person, and she gave me an application. There is no guarantee that I would get the space.

I have so many things to consider before applying:
1. Is this what I really want? I would have a large public space to work on my painting. I would paint everyday. I could go to the studio after the kids leave for school and be home before they get home. I would talk to other artists everyday. I think this is what I want.

2. I would have to pay rent. A monthly payment equivalent to a luxury car. If I could sell two moderately priced paintings a month it would cover the cost.

3. Maybe I should apply and see if I get accepted than worry about the rest later.

What to do...what to do...

Here are a few pictures of the space.


Any advice?
What do you think I should do?


Karen said...

Apply now and decide later. Don't worry about the funds or the time commitment until there is something to worry about. If you decide not to do it, fine. But at least give yourself the chance to find out if they'll take ya!

Amy said...

I say if it is a dream of yours go for it. I mean you can show off your work and even your chalk board work. It would be fun... Got for it...

Kristin said...

That's so exciting. Doesn't hurt to apply!! I say go for it! Thanks for stopping by my to check yours out too!

thatgirlblogs said...

I pick option 3