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Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's Featured Follower!

Friday's Featured Follower is Hayley from When I Grow Up.  
I have been friends with Hayley for eleven years.  No, we haven't been blogging that long.  We became friends when we were just beginning our families.  Friendships are a blessing. 
I encourage you to go over to Hayley's blog to learn more about her story.  Begin with her post The day I felt Complete.  Spend a day with her family at the beach.  Witness a beautiful sunset. See how we spent a fantastic day with our friends.  Follow the sunshine!

Before you leave, light a candle for their sunshine and grab a "Delivering Kindness because of Heller" button (both can be found on the side bar).

Enjoy your trip to When I grow Up!

Tell Hayley I said "Hi"

Be on the look out for next Friday's Featured Follower.   If you follow this blog, it may be you!


Aunt Julie said...

Thanks for sharing the link of another amazing blogger! Looks like you and me frequent SITS around the same time each day, huh?

Marshmallow Circus said...

Thanks for stopping by, off to read your featured blogger. :)

Unknown said...

Great. I love follow fridays.

Karen M. Peterson said...

Fun stuff! Her blog is so cute!

Amy said...

How fun. Have a great day.