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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Noah's discovery!

This morning, before sunrise, my son and I took Lucy for a walk. Of course, I grabbed my camera. You never know when a creatively fit walk will happen. It was dark and the sun was barely beginning to appear. I tried to take a picture but with insufficient light it was blurry. Noah looked up at the sky and said, "Mommy, give me the camera!" He started snapping away and discovered the trail of light the was left by the slow shutter speed. He got very excited and continued experimenting with different movement. We passed the camera back and forth playing with his creative experiment. 63 pictures later we realized we had a very creatively fit walk! Here are the results!

To see some of our abstract creative photos up close click here


Amy said...

That is amazing pictures. I so love that dog of yours.

Unknown said...

Wow this is so creative and awesome.

Karen M. Peterson said...

That's so fun! Those moments really CAN come at any time!