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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Painting and ME!:)

Last week I bought a desk at Habitat for Humanity Resale store. It cost $59 and was a really nice desk. Now I feel like a have a place to organize my papers, make appointment and pay my bills. The past couple of days I have been making to do lists and crossing off all of my to dos as I do them. I found that this somewhat cleared my head and left room for painting! So today I did a small painting. This painting is of one of the pictures from my first day of my Creatively Fit walks.
I'm not thrilled with the results. Feeling rather rusty, it was hard to get into the groove of painting. I may revisit this one later to fix what is not working.

6"x6" acrylic on unstretched canvas(this canvas will be adhered to a 1" thick piece of wood.)

Feeling a little daring, I thought I'd come out of the shadows and take some pictures of myself:) I don't particularly like the way I look in pictures, but I think these turned out ok.



Karen M. Peterson said...

I love the painting! I wish I was thus talented.

And your pictures are very fun! You're adorable!

diane b said...

The painting looks great to me.

diane b said...

I am interested in joining the fitness site. My email is

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You are so talented to be able to just paint that so quickly. I've watched those painting shows on PBS and it always floors me.

Oh, and you look beautiful too. :~>

Anonymous said...

I think the painting is beautiful, as is the artist. But I hear you on hating how you look in photos. The older I get, the more I hate pictures of me.

You're very talented!

Cynthia said...

Love the painting...especially that it evolved from one of your creatively fit walks. I also really like your portrait collage. You look terrific and it's so clever how you framed it.

Live.Love.Eat said...

Wow, you painted that?! I would have never thought it if you didn't say. It's amazing, he shadows and all. Wow.

Thanks for your visit on my SITS day on 10/29. I have been playing catch up. Come by if you get a chance, I am giving away a
cheese tasting party, well, supplies for it anyway.

elvira pajarola said...


MIRROR..MIRROR on the wall,
who is the most beautiful of all?..

(free traduction of snowwhite and the seven..)

I love these SHOTS!
ciao elvira

scrappysue said...

i wish i had a mirror like that - i can NEVER take those self portraits! yours is very cute! awesome painting too btw