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Monday, February 22, 2010

I ♥ faces "Hands on Fun!"

Sometimes I like looking through my endless files of photos in search of a photo that will fit the challenge of the week at "i heart faces". This week I decided to see if I could find anything to fit their "hands on fun" theme. It was like going on a treasure hunt! I discovered that I had many picture that featured hands. I had hands holding food, building gingerbread houses, craving pumpkins, hiding faces, squeezing faces, playing instruments, lifting weights, kneading dough, feeding pigeons, doing homework, being nibbled, holding bugs, sifting sand, shopping, lifting a glass saying cheers, writing on a chalkboard, picking air potatoes, painting, lighting candles, embracing other hands and holding Lucy!

You can see all the pictures that didn't make the cut HERE in my hand mosaic!


I was amazed at how many pictures showcased hands. I never gave some of these photos a second thought, until now. Now, I cherish them as my special hand pictures. Thank you i heart faces!

See more extraordinary hands at


Christina said...

Thank you for your comment, Cindy. Your picture is sweet...and all the descriptions of your other pictures made me want to see them! I think there needs to be a post of the pictures that didn't make the cut. :)

Erica said...


ch said...

Thank you for commenting. And thank you for the suggestion Christina! I've included a link to a mosaic of the other hand photos!

Sandra Wilkes said...

A boy and his dog....and a big handful of love!

Jayde said...

I have always loved hands in pictures. Or even not in pictures. I will have to be sure to get my image up tonight when I get home. Hope the one I'm using will 'qualify' for this challenge.

Jan said...

Oh so sweet!! Puppy Love!!!