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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Another photo montage in photoshop

Today in class I spent the whole time fiddling with different pictures and coming up with nothing. Tonight at home I tried again.
So what happens when I put these four pictures together?!


I call this Paint the town!


Maybe I'm not getting enough sleep!
What do you think?

More montages to come...

My computer is acting up and I can't even size my pictures correctly. They are a bit distorted. I hate computer trouble! But it could be worse, so I'll just take a deep breath and say "thank you"


Jayde said...

I've done some similar stuff, though not with 4 pictures I don't think. I used to be a part of a group on Flickr that did all sorts of alterations and I usually mixed up pictures like this, or like something anyway. Keep having fun with it!!

Miriam said...

That is totally awesome, I love the whole concept and love looking at it. You are so talented
Love you