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Friday, March 26, 2010

Have a vision!

I mentioned a while back in one of my posts that I had a vision blog. This is a personal blog that I set up in June of 2008. I decided to start this blog after reading "The Secret" and realizing that the technique of visualization really can work.

I had just returned from a family vacation, to the mountains of Georgia, where we rented a cabin for a week. During the year, prior to our vacation, I would go to this website with streaming video of the view from the top of Brasstown Bald. Everytime I viewed that mountain on my computer screen, I could imagine standing there. I could feel the crispness and smell the sweetness of the air. At the time, I didn't realize that I was using this visualization technique. It wasn't until I was standing in the spot, where the camera was placed, that I realized I had willed that moment to happen. Actually, I really didn't realize what I had done until I was back home looking at this picture that I took and thought, "OMG! This happened because I visualized it!"


I got a chill when I realized the real power of this technique! That was when I decided to make my vision blog. You can read a little more about the blog HERE

Sometimes you have to be patient with your visions. They don't all get realized right away and sometimes your visions change. Some visions are small like planting a pumpkin patch. And sometimes they are big, like making a difference in the world. Sometimes they are materialistic and sometimes they are altruistic! I believe all are valid:)

One vision that seemed to sit on the back burner for a while was this one...
No this is not my body(I wish).

I finally felt the desire to get back to the gym two months ago and have been going strong ever since. I am finally starting to see real results! And getting closer to my vision:)


You can read about my current workout routine at CREATIVELY FIT

I think visions are like wishes that you ask a genie (In the Secret it's the Universe but I think it's really G-d), but they don't just fall out of the sky. They open your eyes to the possibilities and opportunities. Visions allow these things to come into your life either consciously, through deliberate action or subconsciously by having an open heart and mind.

I will keep you posted on more of my visions as they are realized.

Life is an exciting journey! Remember everything begins with a thought!!


alessandra said...

So true!
I have to seriously vision this body too, it's not yours, isn't it? ;)

Tracie Nall said...

I've been thinking seriously about starting a vision board, and this post is a good reminder about that!

(I think it's God too!)

Here via SITS...thanks for the inspiration!

Carrie @ Dittle Dattle said...

My motto is
"What you think about You bring about"
My kids will finish my sentence because they have heard me say it so many times!
Visiting from SITS