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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Chuckle Patch!

Ok, I know I'm dating myself but do you remember the Chuckle Patch from the Magic Garden?

This was my favorite show when I was a little girl. What made me think about the the chuckle patch in The Magic Garden...?

...these flowers that I bought at Home Depot a few weeks ago. When I first planted them and checked on them the next day, they were drooping terribly, in the hot Florida sun. I got my trusty watering can and sprinkled them with some cool water. Within minutes they perked back up and showed their lovely daisy faces. I think I even heard them chuckle. (Ok, I'm being a little corny but this is the magic garden)

The only thing missing in the Magic Garden was...


Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Now I need a riddle for my chalkboard...

What gets whiter the dirtier it gets?
Answer: A Chalkboard!

I may have to start writing a chuckle a day on one of my chalkboards!:)


Michele said...

LOL,you have given me a chuckle this morning. Thanks for stopping by my blog. ^___^

Unknown said...

LOVE it!!!