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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Coffee for two

The other day I accidentally broke my glass coffee pot.:(

I never used to drink coffee. I started about a year ago. Now I look forward to my morning cup of coffee. The smell that fills the air as it's brewing, the warm mug in my hands and the smooth mellow flavor. (I sound like a coffee commercial.) I never understood what all the fuss was about before. .
This morning hubby picked up a replacement pot! We sat out back and relaxed with our mugs of coffee. Ah sunshine and coffee with the one you love! What could be better!

Which inspired me to do this painting.


I think I went a little overboard having a cup and a half of coffee. I was feeling pretty jittery as I was finishing up the painting. I think from now on I'm a one cup gal!

After I posted this and looked at the painting again, I realized that there are chalkboards in my painting!!

Amazing how the subconscious works!

CHalk it up!!
And have a great day!

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