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Monday, May 2, 2011


11"x14 acrylic on stretched canvas

This is my latest painting of this new series that started.

There are painting studios popping up all over the place, where you sign up for one class and in three hours you complete a painting by following the instructor step by step. Everyone leaves with the same painting. You are encouraged to bring your own bottle of wine and snacks and make an evening of it. It is referred to as art entertainment! I like this idea, sort of. But I have a slightly different idea. I would love to open a studio like this but use my own method of bringing out your inner artist. In my studio everyone would leave with a different painting, one that comes from the artist that lives within each of us.


Hilary Battes said...

As a non-artist, I would love to be able to copy someone else's piece step by step. Maybe after a few times of doing that, I would feel more inclined to take more artistic risks. I love it.

Jennifer Vanderbeek said...

Love that painting! Of course, I love most art with a wine or cocktail theme, but this one is particularly nice :)

I think we have one of those drink & paint places here in town--a girlfriend went and was the only one to paint a fish when the rest of the "class" painted a bouquet of flowers.

Caitlin @ Pacifier In My Pocket said...

Love it! Beautiful colors and such a cool concept!