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Sunday, October 11, 2009

All nighter...not! AND mosaic Monday!!

I've hit the wall. I must face it, my all niter days are behind me. They are not decorating for the fair until Tuesday. I will have to work on this and finish it tomorrow after I take my son to the doctor, pack and ship a painting and chalkboard, go food shopping, pay bills, clean the house and do laundry.:) I wished I could have finished this tonight but if I don't get some sleep I won't be able to do anything today.

If you click here you can see what I painted for the book fair last year.

Here is my Creatively Fit posts from this weekend...

This is also my Mosaic Monday. See more wonderful mosaic at Little Red House
I apologize to the Mosaic Monday people. I didn't read carefully enough to see it was Autumn colors. In Florida it's not easy to find. This first group of pictures does have Autumn colors but not depicted in the traditional sense.
Last night was a late night, I wasn't making much sense.
Saturday's walk:

This next collage is a preview of Christmas. We walked in an adjoining neighborhood and took some pictures of houses with Halloween decorations. Yes some people even put lights up.
This last group of pictures is a little experimentation with the camera settings. Three were taken on close up setting and the other three were taken on fireworks setting. Can you guess which were which?

Friday's walk:
Place: Lake Lily Park with lots of signs!

Weather: Stinkin Hot! Even the birds didn't want to move! I had to walk around them.
Point of interest: The Cottage, with this really cool garden thingy!
Challenge: Capture bird in flight. Well, could be better:(

Detour: Eclectic neighborhood.
Observe: Details

Favorite pix... this duck was ready to bite my nose off. We were that close!
One more favorite

Collection picture: another manhole cover. Love the patina!

Another Detour: knitting store across the street, to visit my sister. She's a knitting instructor there, the best! I didn't stick around long, as I was dripping with sweat. Did I mention it was stinkin HOT!!

It was hard to choose just a few pictures today. So I tried to limit my words.


Maggie B said...

Fabulous Mosaics, how talented you are. The manhole cover pic is superb & I love the expression on the sheep's face.
Glad you didn't get your nose bitten off!

grey like snuffie said...

So many great pictures...wish you could share some of your heat...we got hit with EARLY cold weather the last few days....

Dishesdone said...

You have such a great variety of awesome mosaics, fantastic shots!

LOL, love the last pic with the sheep!

Kathy said...

Lots of pics here - and lots of work to make so many mosaics. Some very interesting content too! The many settings on the newer cameras do make some funky pics. Have a great new week...Kathy

ellen b. said...

Well you have some nice places to walk. Love that bird (Heron?) With the wings spread wide...beautiful.

storyteller said...

Marvelous series of lovely mosaics ... it's hard to choose a fav, but that bird in flight is really something.
Hugs and blessings,
Small Reflections

The Redhead Riter said...

I was ready to write that I couldn't pick my favorite when I got to the last one with the lamby! OH I LOVE THAT PIC!!!!

Tom Bailey said...

Random but VERY interesting.

I like your blog this is my first visit.

Best regards

Sharon said...

I like all of them. Especially the garden thingy (sculpture), Sharon

Brenda said...

Wow, was there something wrong with that duck's face? Or do some just look like that? It's not like I get real close to ducks! Loved your choice of pics and the mosaics. I did mine on sewing things, so I hope there wasn't a theme I was supposed to follow, cause I didn't! I'm not worth a darn without a good seven to eight hours of sleep!

Claudia@DipityRoad said...

You are amazing! I have been working 6 week days this past month and I have to tell you I am a bit giddy LOL

You mosaic selections were very fun -- in fact Im posting fast so i can go revisit them :)

If you have a moment I would love you to stop by and say hi.

TTFN~~ Claudia ♥ ♥

Carol said...

So much to see! Love your blog!

Mary said...

Cindy, everyone is free to use whatever subjects they wish -- there is no theme! Your images are wonderful, and I sincerely thank you for sharing all of them with us at Mosaic Monday! :)

But I must say -- that duck is a little scary! :)