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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cheap Costume Idea!

Last night was the Scholastic Book Fair at our Elementary school. You can see my hand painted banner here. The kids wore costumes representing people from around the world.
Noah said he wanted to be a Mariachi Player. So I went to the local Halloween Costume Headquarters Store and found a sombrero and poncho set for $25! I knew this was a costume that he was only going to be wearing for a few minutes and thought No Way! From there, I went a few doors down, to the local discount card store to see what I could find. I went down the party theme decoration aisle and found children sombreros for $2.99 and a plastic fiesta tablecloth for $4.00. I went home and cut the tablecloth down to size, cut a slit for the head to go through and laid the costume on my son's bed, for when he arrived home from school. The trick to getting your child to wear a tablecloth is to not let him know that it is one:). Noah isn't smiling here but he was happy with the costume. I think it turned out rather well for a costume in a pinch. A set of plastic maracas would finish the costume nicely (the party store was all out:(
Do you have any good, cheap, creative costume ideas for this Halloween? I'd love to hear about them!

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