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Friday, October 23, 2009

I've run out of space!!

Well, blogger has pulled the free upload your pictures plug! Apparently I have run out of space on my picasa and blogger accounts.
I do have several blogs with lots of pictures.
Chalk it up!
My Colorful Canvas
Art Teacher Portfolio
Creatively Fit
And a few others that aren't public

I admit it, I'm a blogger junkie.

I was discussing this whole blogging thing with a good friend, who shall remain nameless (also a bit of a junkie) and we both were trying to figure out exactly what is the blog thing. It's not something tangible like a book or a photo that you can hold in your hand. Does it really exist at all. I mean one day it's here and the next it can be gone. See my very first post, to know that it is TRUE! Yet it is so valuable to all of us bloggers. There is meaning in every post. Our grandchildren and great grandchildren would find our posts interesting, I believe. I would like to have a recording of life from my ancestors, like this. But alas, where is this all going. Will it all be dumped somewhere in cyberspace in the end!

I'm sure many of you have wondered about this to. How are we to perserve these valuable journals? I think it is important to thing about now, before I start shelling out money to blogger to record something that may not be there tomorrow, in my vitrual journals, portfolios, photo albums.

One idea given to me by my friend was to have each post sent to your email and than print out the email each day. This is a very good idea but could blow through a lot of ink.

Do you have any ideas on how to perserve all the work and precious memories of our valuable blogs? I'll love to hear them!

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Karen said...

I know there are services that will turn your blog into a full color book. But that can get a tad expensive! I have been toying with doing one per year, though. I'm with you. I really want to have something tangible to show what I've done.

Stephanie said...

You can copy your post into a word document and then burn to a disk. Or you can save to a storage stick...Just a thought.

Kim said...

You can always turn your blog into a book. Perfect for being able to look back on it and see the posts and the pictures! They do them in hardcover and they are gorgeous! Although the price tag on some of them is not sot HOT! Good luck!!