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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Isn't she lovely!

This morning I took some pictures of our newest creation. This lovely chalkboard is set in a very pale pink wooden frame.
As I snapped away under the crepe myrtle tree, I managed to get some nice shots showing some of the detail.
I don't know what I like capturing more, the chalkboard or my garden. I love my crepe myrtle tree. I planted it about two years ago. It was just a twig. Now it is actually starting to look like a real tree. I love when it blooms, it looks so pretty.

Sadly, just after I took the picture above, a big wind came along and knocked over my lovely pink framed chalkboard. Yes, there was some damage; however, hubby is doing his magic. He sanded it, repainted it white and will sand it again to give it a distressed look. From pretty ballerina chalkboard to shabby chic chalkboard!

Wow, this is my second post today! Don't forget to check out my post below about my trip to Ikea. I think it's the longest post I have ever written!
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Amy said...

The wind is not always nice.

Suzanne in TX said...

That is simply gorgeous! Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

It's very pretty!!

Marie said...

Hello! What a pretty chalkboard! Love it pink. But I'm sure the shabby white will be equally as fabulous!


Audrey said...

I love the frame!!

Jen Bowles said...

Love the shape of your chalkboard! Your pictures look great, now that we don't live in the South anymore I miss the crepe myrtles--yours is so pretty : )

Beth in NC said...

I came over from The Secret is in the Sauce. I love your chalk board! I'm sorry the wind did a number on it!