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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Little schoolhouse chalkboard

Here is my newest little chalkboard. This chalkboard measures approximately 15"x12 1/2"(including frame)
I love the frame because it is wide enough to hold a piece of chalk, or two.

Yes, two more days until summer vacation. With hubby still out of work (and it looks like we won't be able to open our bagel shop, due to lack of funds) it is a little scary going into a long summer looking for free activities to do. I hope I can sell some more chalkboards to help us through this rough patch.

This chalkboard is for sale in my etsy shop. :)
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Christie Cottage said...

Nice chalkboards! I'd be marketing them to local restaurants! Very nice!

Unknown said...

What a great post. Stopping by from SITS to leave some bloggy love!