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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two new chalkboards

The chalkboard above is approximately 20"x24"(overall dimensions). This one is a little bit heavier than the others because the frame is heavier.

This loveley little chalkboard is approximately12"x14" and is much lighter. This frame is made of wood.

It really is fun going out and hunting for pretty frames. I am also enjoying taking my chalkboards on location for photo shoots. Yes, I think I'm loosing it!:)

I will be listing these two boards on etsy shortly.

I already made my first sale!! Very exciting!!

If you already have a frame at home that you want to use for a chalkboard, I will also be selling custom made and sized to order chalkboard without the frame.
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thatdesigngal said...

Hey there! I'm Mary and I am stopping by from SITS. Congratulations on you first sale!! That is very exciting! WOOHOO! I also have an etsy shop, it is thatDESIGNshop, stop by it you get a chance. I love your chalkboards and even the "on location" shoot, that is what they say that photography is everything! Congrats again!

Drop by my blog sometime,

Have a great evening!

Diary of a Young Designer said...

Congrats! That first sale is always so special!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!