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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer Stock at Chalk it up!

Here's just a little update on what we are up to at Chalk it up!

First, the summer sale is going well! Check it out at our etsy shop:) We will be adding more framed chalkboards shortly!

Second, we're keeping the kids busy with swim practice everyday! The kids are loving it! And yes there is some computer time everyday, it's hard to keep them away but we try. We went to the mall one day and all they wanted to do was play at the Apple store. I was pretty amazing, it was the most crowded store in the mall. As I looked around at all of the amazing technology I thought, "Wow and I sell chalkboards!" What could be more opposite than an ipad?! Just goes to show, a classics a classic!

As you can imagine my home is filled with chalkboards! We find that we are using them more and more. One chalkboard keeps track of sales, another keeps track of the kids' summer earnings for chores, and another reinforces the Spanish words that they are learning this summer.(I'm doing Spanish lessons with the kids on I also plan on framing a 16"x20" chalkboard to put in each of the kids' rooms. This will be for their things to do list;) The nice thing about using the chalkboards is less paper is used and they look stylish in any room.

On the down side, hubby, the chef, is working more than ever (yes I know in this economy that's a good thing) but they really need to hire more people. It seems that these days one person is doing the job of three or four because companies are afraid to hire for lack of business. Well, hopeful he will have one day off this week. He should be off on the fourth!! YAY!!

I hope you are all having a great summer!!

Oh, one more thing, I'm still taking my 3-D modeling class. It's a killer!! Maya is a tough program. I'm creating something that I hope to share in the next week or two. It's a difficult program to learn but FUN!!

Have a great and safe 4th of July!

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