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Monday, July 12, 2010

Working in 3-D

Three more weeks of my 3-D modeling class! I'm finding it hard to stay motivated. Maybe because it's summer and the kids are home. Maybe because I'm thinking about redecorating and gardening. Maybe it's just because 3-D modeling is not my thing. I love the idea of creating interior spaces and decorating them but maybe not in the virtual sense. I am not a video gamer and I'm not really crazy about animated films. However, I have always had respect for it as an art form. AND now I have even more respect for animation artist, since I've been working in Maya 2008 this semester.

So my final project is to create a subway station for my train. If the computer screen was a piece of paper I would crumple this up and start over again!

Here is what I have so far (I think I'm going to start over from scratch)


This is a screen shot of the four different views. The idea was to create a train station/ mall/restaurant.

After the modeling is complete I will texturize(add color and textured surfaces) and light the scene. Heaven help me! I'm using my blog to get me motivated. If I think of this assignment as show and tell posts for my blog it may just get me moving.

Are you interested in seeing the finished train station? Then stay tuned! If you'd like to cheer me on, that might help too!:)(could always use the moral support)

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