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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Feeling stuck,,,

Summer's winding down. The kids summer swim program has ended.
My 3-D modeling class is over. You can see my final project HERE I got an A Yay!!
And I'm feeling a little stuck. Not sure what comes next. I think I'll be taking two classes this fall(still haven't made the final decision).

My younger son decided not to do football this year. He was going to but at the last minute he said he didn't want to . So this year both boys will be joining the swim team. They really loved it this summer and have learned and improved so much.

I'll be chairing the PTA Reflections program at my son's elementary school (I have no idea what I'm doing) Part of me wishes an art teacher position would have presented itself to me this year. I submitted resumes for two positions and included links to my online teacher's portfolio. I received no responses.

So here I am in a bit of limbo. Not knowing what the year will hold. I hope to sell more chalkboards. The summer sale has been going rather well. I'm thinking of adding some more products to the line. Stay tuned... I feel an end of summer give away coming on... If I can get my act together I may try to do a craft fair or two this fall.

The unknown can be exciting or it can be scary. This past Monday we went to Aquatica. I'm not a ride person, wet or dry. I wasn't thrilled about sliding down all of those slides with big drops, twists and turns but I did it. The first ride we did was the dolphin plunge.
Yes I went flying through that tube. Can't say I was thrilled.

This was our mini vacation this year. The chef doesn't have vacation time until his one year anniversary, which comes this fall.(we're hoping to go somewhere then) So this one day excursion was it. We had fun but my calves are still sore (it's Friday and we went on Monday) This park really knocked us out!

The kiddies go back to school in about a week.
We're all a little sad to see summer end. Time goes so fast! What will the future hold...?
Have a good weekend! Make the most of it!

P.S. I just realized it's Thursday not Friday DUH!! I guess time isn't going as fast as I thought it was --haha


Anonymous said...

This is the first time I've ever visited your site from SITS. I LOVE your artwork and your chalkboards. As an artist (Of words, novelist) I know you place your whole self into your work and it really shows.

Right now my kitchen is small but when we move, I might consider buying your wood framed chalkboard if it's still available on Etsy. Then it will be big and having one of those cool chalkboards restaurants have to show off what they are having, right in my own kitchen, would make me feel tres awesome!

Great blog. Keep up the great work.

Val said...

Yep... I think I feel this way at the end of every summer :( Lovely blog! Happy Sits Sat :)

EL Gifts and Cards said...

Your work is amazing. I am sure a school will discover you very soon :)