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Friday, August 20, 2010

How to quickly and dramatically transform your bedroom...

If you have light colored wall, paint them a dark color. If you have dark walls go light!

We painted the walls a dark blue/gray (French gray by Glidden) Surprisingly this less expensive brand (approx. $15 a gallon) at home depot covered the walls almost completely with one coat. I was very impressed with the quality of this paint. We used a flat finish for a nice soft effect.

Here is BEFORE (light white walls)

AFTER (dark blue/gray walls)
I love the new look. It is cozy and inviting. The color is cool and tranquil. I still need to do a lot more to the room to finish it up, window treatments, new bedding, new lamps and change the flooring. But color is a start and the most dramatic change for little $$.

Before the contrast between the walls and furniture was in value, light walls against darker furniture. Now the contrast is with color. Blue against orange. I tried to find a blue that was more gray to keep the colors more natural. I think this color achieved that. I plan on painting a large landscape on canvas to hang over the bed, something with a water theme, beach or lake scene.

I'm not thrilled with the lack of value contrast between the metal headboard and the blue walls. I haven't figured out how to remedy that yet.

Anyway, today was hubby and my 15th wedding anniversary. Hubby spent the whole week painting the walls of our bedroom. He would come home from a 12 hour day of work and paint a wall a night. That's true love!:)

Happy Anniversary honey!

Sorry for the terrible quality photos. I'm still using my cell phone. I need a new camera:(

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Linda said...

The room is just beautiful. You've transformed it beautifuly.
Happy anniversery.