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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

How to make progress...

Keep a level head!

Ok, so my morning didn't start out that way. First, go on a good rant! Than, relax, think clearly, take the appropriate steps to get things done.

So what am I talking about?
Well, this morning I woke up to a giant puddle of oil under my car in my garage!


I immediately knew what had caused it! It was the giant pot hole that my car fell into on the way home from school last night. It was dark and rainy and the gaping hole was not visible. The car bottomed out hard. I thought for sure the van was done. I slowly moved forward and thought I had escape this one. It wasn't until this morning that I realized that I had not.

I immediately jumped on my new form of transportation (my bicycle) with camera in hand and an axe to grind and rode back to the scene of the crime to take a picture of the hole.


It was already covered up! I guess that's a good thing:)

Anyway, home I went. It was time to calm down and think clearly. And clearly the responsible party was going to pay! But who was the responsible party? I started by calling the county, who directed me to the right division. I spoke to the engineering division/Project Manager. I was kind and respectful and in return was treated the same. He was very helpful and advised me of the steps to take and the people to contact. Within an hour I had completed all of the steps keeping a level head and treating each person that I spoke to with respect, while clearly stating my case. Within an hour the contractor of the job was at my home inspecting the damage and without hesitation took full responsibility, assessed the damage and promised a mechanic would be in my garage to fix the damage this morning. (As I'm typing this, the contractor called and said the mechanic will be here in 10 minutes.) They also promised to clean up the mess in my garage.

When something unfortunate happens it's understandable to become irritated by what may be the carelessness of other. However, as with my situation this morning, it's best to quickly get the anger out of your system before solving the problem.

I'm so glad that I kept a level head. And I'm please with the integrity that others have shown in this situation. I think if we treat each other with respect we can get so much accomplished!


Linda B said...

That's fabulous. I'm glad you are getting positive results. I rant, so maybe I'll consider this approach.

Journey said...

Kudos for keeping a level head and accomplishing your goal!!!

FranticMommy said...

Good for you. Respect is HUGE. My mom always used to say "You'll get moe with honey than you will with vinegar". Popping by from SITS!

p.s My week started off a bit like that too. My fridge croaked. Do you know how hard it is not having a fridge????

Anonymous said...

I love it when people handle something with dignity and grace! My mom used to unleash her fury on people and it was so embarrassing!