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Monday, November 1, 2010


Today is day three of the SITS Halloween Parade and a chance to win a Canon Rebel T2i.

Sadly, the pictures that I took of the day have been lost:). I was upload my pictures from my memory card and my computer crashed losing the pictures from my card and picasa. In an effort to get at least one picture of costumes and the kids awesome jack-0-lanterns I used my phone camera. I tried sending the pictures to snapfish and received errors both times! So, no pictures of this year.:(
So here's a picture from last year. I loved this costume!

In any case, the day was fun! Halloween on the weekend is great! Like last year we went to a pumpkin patch at a local church and the kids picked out two great pumpkins to carve. In Florida, carving pumpkins too early means rotten pumpkins on Halloween, so doing it the same day insures the best results. The weather was beautiful, there was actually a little coolness in the air. When it was dark the kids put on their scary masks and were ready to go. Our neighborhood is great for trick or treating. People decorate and kids are swarming the streets in their costumes. It's one of the few things left of that traditional hometown feel.
The kids trick or treated for a couple of hours and came home with lots and lots of candy! Oh what to do with all that candy?!

If you have any creative ideas of how to use it up without making candy a steady diet for a year I'd love to hear it.

Hope your Halloween was happy, fun and safe!

Don't forget to head on over to the SITS parade!

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