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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Creatively Fit Update!

The new blog, Creatively Fit has been up and running now Since August 3! People are joining and it is getting very exciting. We now have ten active teammates and more are getting ready to start their Creatively Fit walks. Our teammates come from Florida, Tennessee, North Carolina, Indiana, California, Pennsylvania, and Alberta, Canada!

If you are looking for a way to get motivated, to exercise, this may be the thing for you.

I was not motivated to go to the gym. I found myself sitting at the computer unmotivated, turning into a computer blog blob:) I figured the easiest thing to do was just get up, put on my sneakers, walk out the door and just start walking! As I walked on that first day I started thinking, "This is going to get boring fast." Then I thought, "What if I had my camera with me and I took pictures along the way?" I started looking at my surroundings as if I had my camera. I was amazed at all that I was inspired by, around me! From there Creatively Fit was born!

What I have learned so far.
1. I am motivated to walk simply out of a desire to be creative, share and connect with others. What other fitness program offers that?!
2. I am looking for new places to walk and explore everyday. Getting outside awakens all my senses and improves my mood.
3. On the days that I take the "boring" route, I discover new things and realize that there are interesting and beautiful things to photograph even in the most "boring" places. This is how I am growing creatively.
4. The more I walk and take pictures, the faster I get at discerning what will make a good picture. Thus, walk, click, connect. It's that quick and simple! In the beginning, you may find that you don't get as far on your walks or get there as fast, when you're taking pictures. As your critical eye sharpens (strengthens) you will get faster at clicking and walking.
5. The most important thing: I am getting up and moving! (Better than sitting at the computer for an extra hour:)
6. Sometimes when I'm walking I don't think I'm getting any interesting or good pictures. However, when I get back to the computer and look at the pictures, I realize that one or more themes have unfolded during my walk. The creativity continues as I edit my photos. Picasa is a great way to group photos together to create themes.
7. I am connecting with other people who motivate and inspire me!
8. It's working!
From peaceful gardens...
to busy city streets...

Creatively Fit walks can happen anywhere!

If you are interested in joining Creatively Fit you can email me and I will send you an invitation to join. Feel free to spread the word.

Have a Creatively Fit day!:)

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Anonymous said...

I just love your pictures! I wish I lived somewhere as interesting as you :-) My pictures would mostly be woods...Illinois is so boring.