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Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday's Featured Follower

Happy Friday's Featured Follower!!

That Girl Blogs!

That girl is funny! Reading That Girls Blogs is like reading a sitcom. Remember those? Actually, That Girl Blogs is a cross between a sitcom, a reality show and a blog. And she really does remind me of Marlo Thomas, remember That Girl? I loved That Girl!! A few years ago there was a That Girl marathon on some retro channel (TV land, I think). I stayed up all night watching one after the other.

The major differences between That Girl and That Girl Blogs are That Girl was a single girl, actress, in her 20's, living in New York City, trying to become a star and That Girl Blogs is a married mom, blogger, in her 40's(just 40 and I only know this because she is having a 31 days of birthdays celebration) living in California, mother of four and she already is a bloggy star!

ThatGirl refers to the kids as, thelittles, TheTween, and TheTeen(actress and future ThatGirl) and of course there's TheHusband.(Didn't find a post, but I'm sure there is one.)

But I did learn in this meme award post that TheHusband was once TheMayor.

There are so many more fun posts, so head on over to That Girl Blogs and show some bloggy love!

And of course, ThatGirl gets the Butterfly Blogger Award to display and share!

Thank you for following! Who will next weeks Featured Follower be.


Amy said...

I will have to stop by and check her out. Have a great weekend..

Nancy said...

Oh my goodness!! The picture of Ella looks wonderful! I can't wait for my daughter in law to see it :-) This will make me look like a very nice mother in law in spite of all those "mother in law" jokes!!!

Thank you so much!!!

♥georgie♥ said...

off to visit that girls blogs...have a wonderful weekend

Misty said...

I like her blog as well!

happy Saturday Sharefest!!!!

Mama Mel said...

Thanks! Going to check out her site again... :)

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!