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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Creatively Fit X Post

We had so much fun today I thought I'd post it twice, here and on Creatively Fit

Today it was just the boys and me! I wanted to go out walking but knew I had to make it someplace interesting for the kids. I decided to take them over to the local Community College, SCC. I didn't realize just how worth their while it would be. I figured Sunday would be a good day to roam the campus, since there were no classes in session. We started our walk at the Professional Automotive Training Center. The boys were peeking in the windows of the garage while I was clicking away. Then a gentleman pulled up in his truck and asked if we needed help. I explained what we were doing and he told us that yesterday would have been a great day to come, as they had a big car show here. Unfortunately, we missed it:( It sounded like something the boys really would have enjoyed.
He asked us if we wanted a tour of the school. He also asked if the boys would like to see an awesome car that was in the garage. It was a corvette with a 700 horsepower engine! Of course they wanted to see it! The car was about to be picked up by someone who was taking it back down south on a flat bed.

Here are the pictures of our wonderful tour! He let the boys go up on the flat bed to see in the trunk. Then they revved the engine(my boys live for this stuff!). Finally, they pulled this awesome car out of the garage, on the flat bed, as the truck lit up like a Christmas tree, with flashing lights everywhere! It was a real treat for us all! Jason, our tour guide and professor at the school, was the nicest guy! You can tell he truly loves what he does and got a kick out of making the boys' day! Thank you Jason!

After our tour we continued our walk around campus.
We walked from the Automotive School to the Center of Public Safety. My older son knew what this was all about because, he said, he watches the Discovery channel. He told me this is where they train fire fighters. I was fascinated by how much my eleven year old knew about it!
Here is a collage of some of the many signs around the school. We only walked around a small portion of the school because my little one wasn't feeling well and he was getting very cranky. I have a feeling he'll be home from school tomorrow.

Well, who says walking around a college campus is boring? We will definitely be back to explore more of this campus!
I have added Tip #16 Places to walk
Where did you walk today?
Wherever it was, I hope it was fun!


Mammatalk said...

What a great idea. You never know what you might fun. Love the collages!

The Redhead Riter said...

Hi There! I always enjoy reading your blog. Hope you have a great day!

I have something for you on my blog, so come over and get it.

Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

It looks like you had a great time! Stopping by from SITS