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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Meet Fred!

Today when Noah was taking Lucy for a walk, he came across a lost little baby squirrel. Noah came run into the house and told me to come quick and bring my camera, he found a baby squirrel! The poor little thing looked frightened and alone. As all the neighborhood kids were getting home from school, the excitement began to build. They were handling the poor little guy. I told them to put him back right where they found him, that maybe his mommy would return for him. As they all watched from across the street, a hawk swooped down and tried and get the baby. The kids wanted to take him inside to keep him safe. They have been feeding him formula through an eye dropper and keeping him warm in a basket of soft towels.

Tomorrow I will be taking Fred to the Wildlife Refuge, so he can be properly cared for, weened and set free to live a happy squirrel life.


Anonymous said...

bless your heart! what a sweet little guy, I'm so glad he'll be ok :-)

Amy said...

How sweet I am glad you guys have him and not that Hawk.

EmmysBoosAndRawrs said...

aww! how cute! =]

missy said...

oh my cute!!!!!
what a good kid for wanting to take care of him!!!!!