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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Homework Time! Using a chalkboard:)

In our house, homework is sometimes the most unpleasant time of our day. Homework is to be done right after school. Sometimes it feels like it drags on all night. Especially when we have after school activities.
Here's the script. "Do your homework. Do your homework. Is your homework done? Is your homework done? GET YOUR HOMEWORK DONE! IF YOU DON'T GET YOUR HOMEWORK DONE________.
Thankfully, my second grader is a somewhat willing participant and my sixth grader is finally getting the routine, after all these years.

We have been using the chalkboard as a homework aid. We solve math problems, write sentences, spelling words and more. Using a chalkboard gives homework a more offical feel and makes it a little more fun!

HOMEWORK DONE for both!!:O) Ah, now to get on with the evening!

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