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Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to find your HAPPY place

Music is a great trigger.
Sometimes you have to go back in time and return to more youthful carefree days.

This morning I looked into my coffee cup and started singing(to myself) Black Coffee in Bed. Then I started singing it out loud to my son, who had never heard the song. Thank goodness for the internet and playlist. I quickly ran over to the computer and pulled up the song. Son wasn't too impress but I'll convert him into a Squeeze Singles fan yet!

This music brings me instantly to my happy place! Back to college day when I was young, carefree and living for the beach!
For me, this music transcends time.

It's not just 80's music, it's happy music:)

I've compiled must of the songs from that album. A few were not listed:(

In case you'd like to hear some Squeeze...

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