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Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to get the kids to do chores...

Chalk it up!
I have put a chalkboard in each of my boys' rooms.

One is framed, one is unframed. 10"x13"

Each day I will put 6 or 7 chores on the board for the day.
Next to each chore is a box.
When the chore is complete they will put a check in the box.

If all the boxes are checked off at the end of the day, they will receive a star in their individual pocket planner (month at a glance works well).

If they receive a star for the day, the next day, they get video game time. I figure it this way, if they've done all of their chores they deserve to have some mindless time. I may have to throw in some monetary incentive too:)


The nine year old is on board. As for the thirteen year old, we'll have to see how it works.
I'm hoping...
I'll keep you updated to see how it's working.

Here's a link to my Chalk it up! store if you'd like some chalkboards of your own.


Heidi said...

I also use TV/Video time as incentive to get chores done! A chalk board is a such a great tool. :)

Waisting Time said...

Visiting from SITS:) What a great idea. I wish I had gotten my boys more into a chore habit when they were younger. My 18 year old, the one still home, has been slacking.

Broot said...

Fantastic idea. Will have to steal it for my two kids. :) Visiting from SITS!