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Friday, July 2, 2010

Swimsuit Shopping!

Who likes swimsuit shopping?! Not me! I went shopping yesterday determined to find the right bathing suit for me. Things to consider when shopping for a suit:
1. Your age
2. Your figure type: pear, apple, hourglass, large bust, small bust, straight, long torso etc...
3. Lifestyle: Chasing kids, swimming laps, lounging with a martini, dancing on MTV etc...
4. Color and print
5 Price$

Considering all of these factors I finally found suits that I LOVE!!

My list:
1. Age-42
2. Figure type-hourglass
3. Lifestyle-between chasing kids, swimming laps and lounging with a martini ( I won't be dancing on MTV anytime soon)
4.Color and print- I prefer darker bolder colors and smaller graphic prints (I'm fair skinned)
5. Price- moderate to low

I started at Macy's
there were some good sales but the selection was limited to mostly two piece and tankinis
Next Dillards
Way too expensive, no sales
No one pieces
I can't even remember what was there. It was that unimpressive
BINGO!!! The selection was small but dead on! I tried on five suits and purchased 3!!

Two of the suits were by Christina Swimwear for $16.99 each retail price $88 ea!! These are very well made suits with support in all the right places!


The third suit is a Jantzen. Paid $11.99 (picture shown is not the exact suit but similar)

Grand total for all three suit $50!!

My advice check out the brand outlet stores first!! Ross, Marshall, T J Maxx etc...

Happy Shopping!

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Chris said...

Just wish my legs looked the ones in the pictures....then I would be buying a swimsuit! LOL