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Sunday, July 4, 2010

True Blue!

I have run the gamete in my head... What color should I paint the walls in my bedroom? At first I thought a passionate purple(that quickly passed), than I was sure shades of gray would be perfect, no wait is Now, I'm sure it should be a deep blue gray. I saw the color on the walls of the hotel lobby that I was stay in the other night. The color was perfect! It was deep but not dark and when the light hit it, it was almost light in hue. Like an endless night sky!
Here is a collection of photos for inspiration.
Blue and white kitchen with accents of black ( I see chalkboards:))
Orange is the complementary color of blue. My wood furniture is an orange. This is the blue that I'm picturing. Love the gold frame too, perfect for a chalkboard:)
This deep blue-green is nice too paired with a darker wood and chocolate brown. See how the color is deep but not dark?
Ah just beyond the funky lighting do I see a chalkboard?!

Know what else looks great against deep blue...?
Stenciled fireworks!! See more wonderful sstencil art on this great blog I found while looking for my inspiration photos!

Happy 4th of July!! Happy Birthday America!

Can you believe I still have this drawing on my kitchen door that I did last Memorial day 2009!! I just can't bare the thought of erasing it:)

P.S. If I ever get the paint from my imagination to the walls I will share pictures!

Have a great day!


Zabrinah said...

These photos of inspiration were really nice! I love it.

Best wishes,


Anonymous said...

I liked everything, but I honestly wasn't digging the orange chair. I wouldn't take it personally, though. I've never liked orange. I usually "chalk it up" ;) to the fact that I'm a Carolina Gamecocks fan and my arch nemesis for sports is the Clemson Tigers (boooo!) and they're orange. Everything else, though - especially the bedroom and kitchen colors - I really loved.

Andrea said...

Wow! Could you come decorate my house? The majority of the art in my house is crayon murals below three feet!
So jealous!
PS hi from SITS