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Thursday, August 12, 2010

How to...

answer the dreaded question...
You know that question. The one that comes after the answer NO! We(hubby and I) used to consider our childrens' intellect and give long drawn out explanations as to why they can't have ice cream before dinner, have six friends sleep over on a school night or skip swim practice.

We were falling into their trap.- Get the grown-ups to keep yapping and eventually the NO becomes a YES. (All we have to do is keep asking why until they finally run out of explanations and the only explanation becomes "Go Ahead!!!" Just stop asking why!!)

I finally figured it out! You answer that question... with complete silence. In the beginning you may have to bite your tongue or shove your head under a pillow but after a while it gets easier. When a say nothing they magically go away and leave me alone. If you haven't tried this approach, I highly recommend you do. If you've already known about this technique... Why didn't you tell me! :)

School is just around the corner...


alessandra said...

You didn't ask!
My 4 y-o boy is very insistent, not that he asks why, he wants things.
I noted recently that if after a no, I don't speak anymore, after a while he desists.
But it's hard.

Lesley said...

I will hold onto this for when my guys are of that age....glad they can't really talk right now....Happy SITS day!

Anonymous said...

With my two youngest - I have finally the last few weeks tried that approach. After 24 years of being a mom, I think I might be running out of repeat answers!Silence! So beautiful! LOL