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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Busy building Mount Rushmore

I've been busy! I hate neglecting my blog but sometimes life gets a little hectic. I'm sure you know what I mean.
One of the things we've been busy doing around here is building Mt Rushmore (all in a days work:))
Actually, my middle school aged son had a geography assignment to do, which involved the whole family. The assignment was to recreate a monument, either from the US or Western Europe. So, my darling child chose Mt Rushmore! (The monuments will be set up at the school to create a mini golf course! FUN!
Anyway, I found a great instructable for a Mt Rushmore costume. You can get the directions HERE

The whole family worked together! I think the kids were amazed at what they created with chicken wire, wood, newspaper, glue, paint and masks! I know my son was very proud to bring it in to school today. Everybody oohed and aahed.


I shouldn't do this because you'll see all the imperfection. but here's a side by side


If we were to do this again (which we will not) we would keep a photo of the real thing handy to get better placement of the faces.

The only things that we did different from the instructions were:
1.Added the Roosevelt mask( I had to make it from a generic craft store mask. I sculpted the features out of toilet paper and masking tape. )
2. We covered the entire structure in paper mache, front back and masks.
3. We painted the entire structure with brushes, no spray paint (with a 12 year old boy, are you kidding). I added a dry brush technique using white paint to bring out the rough texture of the surface.
4. And of course we made a hole at the bottom with a tunnel out of cardboard connecting the back and front, for the golf ball.

Stop by one of the greatest blog Todays Creative Blog to check out more creative ideas with Get your craft on Tuesday!

Now my younger son wants to make a whole bunch of paper mache structures to create a mini golf course in our backyard!

I'll be back to post more of what I've been up be continued...


the cape on the corner said...

holy smokes, that's amazing! your kiddo should feel super proud showing off that creation!

Michelle said...

Very cool. I am sure the teacher was impressed.