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Friday, May 28, 2010

Maya-3-D Modeling and Animation

I started another digital media class a few weeks ago. The course is called 3-D Modeling and Animation. The program is Maya 2008. I was only able to download Maya 2010 the newer version. I'm also using the mac at school, all new to me. This program seems overwhelming at first. At a few weeks of lessons I am finally starting to get the hang of it. The biggest challenge is navigating with the mouse and learning what all the tools do.

My first big project is this train.
The screen capture below is the textbooks version of the finished train.

Here is my train still a wip.

After we construct the train we will render it and build a subway station.

The final project will be a group project of creating a fictitious lego video game, cover, web page and review.

I'm really loving taking classes again. I think I may take two classes in the Fall, Intro to Digital Media and Adobe Illustrator. I'm not sure where this education will take me but for now I'm enjoying the journey!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful class! I know that's something my boys would love! So many students come into college wanting to create games - and that's just what they need to take! Enjoy your weekend!

syndrynelf said...

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Chris said...

Wow, this is very good! I teach software which is considered AP, one of the programs is SoftImage, this is a difficult program and you have done so well! I wanted to purchase Maya for my classroom, but they say it is more difficut than SoftImage, Maya I believe is what is used for Hollwoods animated movies! Keep us posted! Good Luck!